Anya Barzyk’s Testimonial About Davy Talley

I am so happy that I used services of Davy Talley to buy my first home because he made it such a positive and adventurous experience! I remember having so many questions but that was not a problem for him at all. If I were to guess, I’d say that he seemed to really enjoy the fact that it was my first buy and he went the extra mile to make sure that it was a simple and exciting process for me. He is the nicest person ever who made me feel like I am the most special client of his life! He always had in his sleeve or an interesting story to tell about this part of Tennessee (something very thrilling for “newcomers” just like me) or d.i.y. tip how to improve something . He has an excellent eye for detail. Warning! In spite of his politeness and graciousness when necessary he can be the toughest negotiator fighting for best conditions possible on your offer or contract. Like so many scared first-time-homebuyers I’ve heard lots of stories of ”realtor nightmares”. As soon as I spoke to Davy I felt confident at every stage and the more I worked with him the more confident I became. Because this was my first house I wanted it to be perfect, so I can attest to his extreme patience and customer care while I looked. I remember there were several times when I was waiting for new listing posts and I send him an email in the early morning hour (extremely early!) and he’d respond right away which was such a pleasant surprise. Davy is a walking testimony of true professionalism in this industry. Luckily for me, I never missed an opportunity to see potential houses and I finally found that perfect house at a really good price. It’s been several months since I closed and I just felt led to say something online about him because I am so very grateful for. Thank you Davey! I hope you see this. : )
I highly recommend Davy Talley! Just call him and you won’t be needing anybody else, he is one of a kind.

— Anya Barzyk